Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rocket Launch

Build day was great! Launch day was even better! We didn't bake as badly as I thought we were going to. We had just enough shade and enough of a breeze to provide a little relief for the humans, but not so much as to mess up the rockets. Although that big tree that provide some much-appreciated shade, did gobble up one rocket (sorry Zach!) But like Andrew explained on build day, you put 'em up with the realization that you may never see 'em again. It was a great day! Pretty much everybody got 3 or 4 flights in, except Zach (tree ate his on it's maiden flight) and a few people who didn't quite pass later safety inspections. It was nice to get out of the library for an afternoon. An extra thank you to the gang that was still there toward the end who treated me to a wonderfully awful rendition of "Happy Birthday." It was flat, off-key and spaced out a few measures by the end, but it was heartfelt and enthusiastic. I loved it! Couldn't think of a better way to spend a birthday!

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