Monday, June 28, 2010

Rocket Launch Video

OK, finally getting to the rocket launch video. A big thank you to my wonderful assistant, Meaghan, for getting the footage, and getting it such a way that I didn't really need to edit. While we were at the launch, the tech guys were replacing my computer, so I came back to all either new versions of software, or completely different software. In the case of video editing, it's completely different software that I haven't had a chance to really play with yet. Anyway, I know she lost most of the rockets in the air, but they're darn hard to track just looking up at the sky. Even tougher trying to do it through a video camera lens. Again, thanks Meaghan! Enjoy the video!

A little PS - I've been having issues trying to upload the video. It looks like it didn't upload, but I suspect that it did. I won't know for sure until I actually publish the post. When I do, if the video isn't actually there, I'll delete the post and try again. If that happens, my apologies.

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