Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Thirsty

Just finished M. T. Anderson's Thirsty. Another vampire novel, this one a bit darker than Sucks to Be Me. Teenage Chris starts experiencing strange symptoms - insatiable thirst, inability to eat or sleep - and is visited by a self-proclaimed celestial being calling himself Chet. Chet tells Chris that he is in the process of becoming a vampire, thus his symptoms, and that if he will go on a mission to the underworld where an especially bad vampire is being held for eternity, he can save the world, and Chet can reverse his vampirism. In Chris' world, vampires are not uncommon and are hunted, and if caught, executed. Chet sends Chris on the mission by the middle of the book, so you know that things are probably not what they seem. Chris suspects so as well. You're inside Chris' head as he battles his demons and grapples with his feelings about friends, family and humanity. If you like a nice, neatly packaged ending, I'll warn you that you may be frustrated at the end of this one. I found it unsettling, but very well done. Nothing really graphic, so ok for older middle school kids, but I'd lean toward high school students as the primary audience for this one because of some intensity.


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