Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Devilish

Finished Maureen Johnson's Devilish late last week. The narrator, Jane, is a junior at a Catholic girls' school in Providence RI. She's incredibly bright, but frequently bored, so her school records are an interesting mix of stellar academics, and a long list of renegade demerits. When her best friend, Allison, suddenly starts to act completely out of character, and no longer has time for Jane, she starts trying to find out what's going on. Is, Lanalee, the new girl at school, really the demon that she claims to be, who has signed a pact with Allison? Will Jane sacrifice herself to save her friend? Is it all a massive prank? If, after reading this book, someone offers you cupcakes, you'll probably run screaming in the opposite direction. Actually, a funny, for the most part, book, that reads like an actual teenager talking to you, not an adult author pretending to be a teen. I enjoyed it, largely because I really like Jane. Nothing that would be objectionable for middle-schoolers, so a good, quick, fun read, primarily for girls.


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Molly said...

My mom went to the same high school as Maureen Johnson, Nazareth Academy in Philadealphia. Supposedly Maureen drew from her experiences there to write Devilish. Interesting fact!