Saturday, June 13, 2009

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Fragments

Just finished Jeffrey Johnston's Fragments. It starts near the beginning of Chase's junior year of high school. Several months earlier he had been involved in a tragic car accident in which several of his friends and an old girlfriend had been killed and he was the only survivor. He has had virtually no memory of the accident. The therapist that he is seeing tells him that it may come back to him, but probably in fragments. He is starting to have nightmares that combine bits from the accident with memories of his childhood with his older brother. The brother had gotten into trouble with the law and was just recently released from a detention center, but has not come back home, is never spoken of by his parents, and there are no pictures of him in the house. Chase is showing symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder. He is also having problems with other students at school, especially the guy who was dating Chase's former girlfriend at the time of the fatal accident. As the story develops, it ends up dealing with some mature subject matter that I won't disclose here because it would ruin a good twist in the story. Even though it is handled very well, I still wouldn't recommend this one for most middle-schoolers. Very good book for older students, however. Enjoy!
Been reading too much heavy stuff lately. I need a good funny book. Anyone have a recommendation?

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