Friday, July 18, 2008

Turn Your Ideas Into Comics

Our second comic-related program of the summer was presented by Ben Richmond. It was basically, how to get those really cool ideas that are floating around in your head, on paper, in comic form. Ben covered a little bit of everything, including layout, blank spaces, perspective, character development, you name it. Part of the time was spent having everyone draw something, then share it with the group. Ben then pointed out the already cool parts of each person's drawings, as well as some pointers for making them even better. What I thought was really interesting, was the tremendous diversity of characters and story ideas that kids came up with. Ben did such a great job that he and I are already talking about what aspect of this to do another program on next summer. If you missed it, don't just check out the photos below, but watch for next year's program as well. Also, a big thank you to the Center for Advanced Management Planning as well as our good friends at Comix Connection for sponsoring the giveaways that Ben had for participants. See you next year!

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