Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Agility Training with Coy Wire

25 kids got a good workout, and the Community Room now smells like sweaty teenagers, after an agility training session led by former Buffalo Bills linebacker, Coy Wire, and Jim Launer, trainer from Most High Sports Complex. What an opportunity to pick up some pointers from the pros! And Coy and Jim are two of the nicest guys I've ever met! Attendees included participants in almost any sport you can think of, including water polo. Coy also stuck around and signed a few autographs after the program. If you want any additional info on Most High or want to contact Jim or Coy, check out their website http://www.mosthighsportscomplex.com/

And a quick inside tip - one of next week's prizes will be a free one-month membership at Most High. If you missed the program, some photos are below. You also have another opportunity next Tuesday, when Jim will be back with some other NFL players for a core strength training session. See you then!

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