Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hannah Just Read: I Will Save You

Last week I read I Will Save You by Matt de la Peña on my new Kindle. It is rare that I buy books (I mean... I work at the library) but I was impulsive and downloaded this one, and I don't regret it at all, though I kind of guessed the ending about half way through. I Will Save You is about Kidd Ellison, who runs away from his group home to work at a campsite on the beach in California. He meets Olivia, who rents one of the campsites with her family. Kidd doesn't think he's worthy of Olivia, who is beautiful and rich, but Olivia likes him, and they begin to spend time together. The one thing that could ruin Kidd and Olivia's relationship, though, is Kidd's best friend and worst enemy, Devon, who shows up uninvited and unannounced at the campsites one night.
What I enjoyed most about this book was the non-linear story line. The story starts off at the end and works its way back to the beginning, all the while jumping around in between. Sometimes this can be very confusing, but Matt de la Peña does it really well. Like I said, the story was a tad bit predictable, but the writing was excellent, and there are some really good lines in the book, which it is easy to mark with my fabulous new Kindle. Here's a few lines I really liked:

"...was it some group of people in the olden days that decided what pretty
looks like, or were we all just born knowing?"

"She rolled her eyes. 'You don't know much about girls, do you?'
I shrugged.
'The ones who claim they don't believe in
fairy tales are the ones who believe the most.'"

and my favorite:

"I thought how if two people see the exact same thing, at the exact same
time, their minds probably store the same memory, even way into the future, and
that's something in common."

Matt de la Peña also wrote a really good entry on his blog the day that I Will Save You came out. He tells a story about a frog and a toilet, but be warned, there's drinking and maybe a couple of swear words on there.

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