Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Me, the Missing and the Dead

Just finished Jenny Valentine's Me, the Missing, and the Dead. It's the story of 16-year-old Londoner, Lucas, who happens to walk into a taxi office and notice that they have an urn on the shelf. When he asks about it, he finds out that the urn, containing the ashes of someone named Violet, was abandoned in a cab one night and has been sitting on the shelf in the office ever since. This bugs him, for reasons he can't quite understand, and with his grandmother's help, he manages to get the urn. While he has it, he has a sense that Violet is communicating with him. Mixed in with this story line, is the back story that Lucas' dad disappeared without a trace a few years prior. As Lucas finds out more about Violet he uncovers a connection between her and his missing dad, learning a bit about the father he has idolized, along the way. There were enough plot twists to keep me reading, and the book had a satisfying, but not nicely-tied-in-a-pretty-bow, ending. (That's a good thing!) There were a few fleeting references to drug use and drinking, but otherwise, nothing objectionable. If you need a quick book for a report, this one's only 201 small pages, but there's enough complexity to be able to write something up.

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