Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Killing Britney

Just finished Sean Olin's Killing Britney. It's a suspense-filled story of a teenage girl, Britney, who just recently reinvented herself and has been accepted by the popular group at school since she started going out with the star hockey player. Life seems to be going well, but suddenly people close to her are dying, and their deaths aren't accidents. Is someone really out to kill Britney? Are they trying to scare and intimidate her? Why? Even though, as it turned out in the end, I did have the plot twists figured out correctly early on, it still kept me in suspense and kept me reading. In fact I was up a little later than I should have been last night getting to the end. I kept thinking that the book would have benefited from slightly better editing - some parts just read a bit awkwardly, but overall, the storyline was quite good. Deaths are described in a little more gory detail than appropriate for many middle-schoolers, and there's some drinking and reference to drug use. More appropriate overall for high-schoolers.


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