Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Icecore

Just finished Matt Whyman's Icecore. Carl Hobbes, a British teenage computer hacker manages to penetrate the security at Fort Knox and remotely open up the vault. He was doing it purely for bragging rights, and never left his house. But when gold bars disappear and start turning up in the hands of terrorists, the authorities, who did manage to track him down, want to know how he did it. Rather than interrogate him locally, they ask him to go to an undisclosed location to speak with American authorities, promising him that they'd send him back home after questioning. But both he and his father have to sign a document promising never to speak to anyone about the entire situation. After agreeing, he finds himself on his way to an undisclosed remote location that is basically an arctic Guantanamo Bay, in a cage next to some of the world's worst terrorists. When his questioning becomes brutal, and the questions indicate that the authorities think he was part of a conspiracy, Hobbes realizes that his situation is far different from what he was led to believe, and they he may never be released. Just when he starts to come to grips with this reality, things take a surprising twist that make makes his situation even worse. A good thriller that ends up having plenty of action. A fair amount of violence, so not for younger middle-schoolers. A sequel, Goldstrike, was just published recently. I'll be including that one in my next book order, so keep an eye out for it as well.


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