Thursday, February 04, 2010

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Ink Exchange

If you're into urban fantasy, you'll probably like Melissa Marr's Ink Exchange. This one had the twist of involving tattoos. There's the usual normal humans, including Leslie, the main character. as well as an assortment of characters from the fairy world who are living, undetected with the help of their glamor, among the humans. As the story unfolds, you find that there are also half-breed characters. The king of the Dark Court has a plan to nourish his people on the negative emotional energy of the humans, by channeling that energy through a human who will be linked to him via a tattoo, the ink of which contains some of his blood. Still traumatized somewhat after being abused by the drug dealing friends of her slimy brother, Leslie wants a tattoo to try to symbolically reclaim her body as her own. After months of indecision, she is inexplicably drawn to a particular design. That design is the sign of the Dark Court king. Other humans who have been linked have gone mad and/or died from the experience. The king is torn, because he has also fallen in love with Leslie and doesn't want her harmed, but knows that the connection will probably eventually break her. There's some mature content, but none of it graphic. Recommended for high school students.


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