Friday, February 12, 2010

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Impossible

Just finished Nancy Werlin's Impossible. Werlin is well-known for her thrillers/mysteries and I've really enjoyed several of her other books, including The Killer's Cousin, Black Mirror, and Double Helix. Impossible was a bit different from her other books, having some fantasy elements and a little more romance. 17-year-old Lucy is a bit of a character, wearing a lovely dress, with high-top sneakers, to her prom. But the prom turns out to be a real turning point in her life when her date, Gray, rapes her, and dies in a car accident later that evening. Several weeks later, Lucy realizes that she is pregnant. A tough enough situation, but then Lucy comes into possession of her birth mother's (a seemingly crazy, bag lady) diary from the time she was pregnant with Lucy. Odd things about Lucy's attack seem to follow a pattern that indicates that she is now under a long-standing family curse that can only be broken if she completes three seemingly impossible tasks based on a specific version of the song, Scarborough Fair. If she can't complete the tasks, she will go crazy like her mother, and the curse will be passed on to Lucy's daughter. Don't expect it to be like Werlin's other books, but expect a page-turner nonetheless. Not appropriate for younger middle school students because of the rape, but the subject is handled extremely well, making the book OK for older middle school students, as well high school students.

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