Monday, February 22, 2010

Madden 10 Update

OK, we'll file yesterday's Madden 10 Tournament under the heading "Things that Didn't Go as Badly as They Could Have, But We Still Probably Won't Do Them Again." The kids who talked me into doing this one, were off just a bit (!) on the estimate of the amount of time it would take. I was actually very grateful that turnout was low for this one. Fortunately, many of the kids who did come were regulars, who said upfront that they hardly ever played that game, but came anyway because they always have such good time at our gaming events. Thanks guys! I needed that yesterday! Anyway... Congrats to our winner Nick T who walked away with an ITunes gift card, in addition to bragging rights. Next gaming event is an open play day this Saturday, featuring Wii Sports on the big screen. See you then!

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