Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mentalism with Russ Clarke

We had about 50 people (a nice combination of teens and adults) turn out for Mentalism with Russ Clarke last night. If you weren't one of the 50, you missed a great evening's entertainment! Due to the weather and several bad accidents along the way, it took Russ twice as long as usual to get here from Baltimore. Thankfully everyone was patient while I plugged the Teen Summer Reading program and played "stump the audience" with clues for the next couple of weeks' teen movies. (I really do need to learn to juggle or tap dance or something for just such an occasion. Had I decided to try to sing, everyone would have left!) Fortunately, Russ was only about 10 minutes late, but he was worth the wait! He matched 5 objects in manila envelopes with their owners, correctly identified (and drew) the President who's name was randomly drawn from a bag, correctly matched 5 different people with vacation destinations, and my personal favorite, was able to correctly write down the word that a woman from the audience had chosen randomly from a book. (Coming up with the word "kitchenware" took a whole lot more than a lucky guess!) And that's just a sampling of what he did. There was plenty of audience participation. I think just about everyone who wanted to volunteer got to do something during the evening. Again, if you missed it, you missed a really cool program! A few photos are below, but it just isn't the same.

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