Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bottle Cap Jewelry

We just wrapped up another really cool program - Bottle Cap Jewelry. I love to see the creativity that kids bring to this type of program, where I just provide an assortment of supplies and turn them loose. They are so much better at that sort of thing than I am. I'm frequently amazed that anyone actually signs up for some of the programs based on seeing the samples that I made. They're frequently pretty pathetic. Check out the pics below for just a sampling of what the kids made today. It sounded like a construction site down there, with hammers and awls going. Thankfully, there were no accidental lobotomies, just a very minor finger cut. Also, before I forget, a big thank you to Katie and Kristie B who brought in those really cool Mexican soda bottle caps. Another thank you to our friends at Rancho Grande Mexican restaurant, who donated the pile of caps when Katie and Kristie asked for the caps from the sodas they had ordered and explained what they wanted them for. That's always been my favorite area Mexican restaurant, but I like them even more now. Also, thanks to everyone who came and cleaned up after themselves. This one one of the better groups I've had in a while for cleaning up.

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