Thursday, June 26, 2008

Comic Artist Bob McLeod

What a fabulous program! Bob McLeod was just here. You may not recognize the name, but if you've seen any superhero comic books at all, you've probably seen his work. He's worked for both DC Comics and Marvel Comics for a couple of decades, and has worked on just about any superhero you can think of. In fact, when I was talking this one up at school visits, I said that we could probably go the entire hour or so of his program listing characters, and not come up with one that he hasn't worked on. Although actually, someone did come up with one. He's never done any work on Transformers. Anyway, his program was great! He talked about how he got his start, brought along some really cool original art, and then walked us through the process of drawing first a simple character, and then a superhero. After the program he even sat down with a budding artist's work and offered him some suggestions for improvement and additional things to work on. A very, very talented artist and a really nice guy! If you missed it, some photos are below.

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