Monday, June 25, 2007

Teen Space is Finally Here!

We finally have a small teen hangout space in the library! It's small, but it's a whole lot more than we had a week ago. If you haven't seen it yet, it's down near the elevator, by the Teen collection. A tremendous thank you to everyone in the Teen Advisory Group who has been collecting cans, washing cars, working concessions at the concert last week, etc. to raise the money we needed, and also to those who worked on the tie-dyeing, the writing, and the lugging of furniture. We still need to add lighting and accessories, but we're well on the way. Check out these pics, or better yet, come on in and have a seat! We were still getting set up in that first photo. In fact, the kids convinced me to spin the furniture 90 degrees, and they were right. It's much more inviting that way. Look for more details to be added as soon as we get around to it.


Anonymous said...

thats exicting...can't wait to hang out!

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