Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Duct Tape - Part 1 A Success

The kick-off program for the Teen Summer Reading Program was duct tape cell phone or MP3 player covers. After the duct tape wallet program a few years ago that took about 10 years off of my life, I wasn't sure what to expect. Monday night's crew was great! A few people had tricky MP3 players, but everyone left with a pretty darn good looking cover. Check out the pics and see for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to attend the class. Is there a website with the instructions on it?

Mrs. N. said...

Yes and no. I looked at several websites with instructions and pulled the best parts from each and combined them. It's a little tricky to explain because we custom made each cover for the particular player or phone. Either Google "duct tape MP3 player cover" or "duct tape cell phone cover" and adapt the instructions to your item, or see me sometime in the library and I'll try to give you general instructions.