Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where Did the YA Collection Go?

If you wander down to look for a YA book and can't find them, don't panic. They haven't gotten rid of the YA collection. In fact there's good news The Big Move is done! The YA collection has moved back one row of shelves to where the biographies had been. This gives us nearly double the shelf space. That was long overdue. We were really getting cramped in the old space. It's so nice to have a little elbow room. A big thanks goes out to Christina, Rose, Jason, Dev, Tim and Nick L. for their efforts in shuffling a whole lot of books around last Friday! If you're looking for the black whiteboards with program info, or the brochure rack with the book lists, they are now on the wall right next to the elevator (see photo). The alcove right near the elevator (the one in the photo) will become teen space soon. We're looking to get some fun, funkier furniture in there to make it a small, but hopefully comfortable, teen hangout spot. If you'd like to help plan that space, pop me a quick e-mail.

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