Wednesday, February 07, 2007

What Mrs. N's Been Reading - Blood Red Horse

I just finished K.M. Grant's Blood Red Horse, the first in the De Granville Trilogy. Not bad! At first glance this probably isn't one that I would have picked up. It's the story of two brothers and a very special horse, that takes place during the time of the Crusades, specifically the Third Crusade. I think horses are beautiful, magnificent creatures so don't think I'm anti-animal, but I just don't ordinarily care to read about 'em. And if I needed to pick one historical time period to read about, the Crusades probably wouldn't be it either. However, this book had been recommended by someone that I've agreed with in the past. It's got a bit of everything - adventure on the high seas, sibling rivalry, knights, pageantry, battles, political backstabbing and maneuvering, all in just a well-told story. It also gave you some insight into the Crusades from the Muslims' point of view. Another one that had me up later than I should have been so I could read just one more chapter. I'm expecting the second book in the series, Green Jasper, any time now. The third one, Blaze of Silver, is due out later this year. Check it out!

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