Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lost in the River of Grass / Ginny Rorby

TITLE: Lost in the River of Grass
AUTHOR: Ginny Rorby

Picture this... you are a great swimmer who attends a private school in Florida on a swimming scholarship and it's abundantly clear that everyone at school despises you. Somehow, despite the lack of camaraderie that you feel, you find yourself going on an overnight class field trip to the Everglades.

When a cute boy invites you on an airboat tour, what do you do? Do you throw away the chance of a personal tour of the Glades in order to spend another minute with your snobby classmates, or would you take the cute boy up on his offer? What's the worst that could happen, right?

A real adventure of two teens who end up stranded in the Everglades with one Gatorade bottle, a can of Spam, and a duckling named Teapot. Will they make it out alive?

M's Verdict: Talk about an adventure! After I read Rorby's novel I found out that it was based on a true story, which made the story even more horrifying. I cannot imagine being left stranded in the Everglades, with little to no food and water, and being surrounded by gators, snakes and wild hogs--NO THANKS! Definitely don't pick this book up if you're planning on traveling to Florida anytime soon, but do pick this book up if you're looking for a book that keeps you hooked until the end. It was intense, terrifying, and I couldn't wait to know whether Sarah and Andy would ever make it out of the Glades alive!

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