Friday, March 02, 2012

Troy High / Shana Norris

TITLE: Troy High
AUTHOR: Shana Norris
OWNED BY CCLS? Replacement copy on order.

Cassie Prince lives in the shadows of her all-star athlete brothers; Perry and Hunter. She's a band geek with decent grades and the closest she gets to being involved in a sport is playing in the marching band at Troy High football games. Her best friend Greg is a student at Lacede High (a.k.a. Troy's archenemy/rival). Cassie and Greg's friendship is put to the test when friendly school rivalry turns into an all-out-war and Cassie is forced to choose between Greg and her brothers. Will Cassie choose to be loyal to her school and brothers and give up her one true friend? Or is Cassie willing to sacrifice her new found popularity for a BFF who could become something more?

M's Verdict: Good read. I enjoyed the plot line and characters and read through the story pretty quickly. Although I never read The Iliad in high school (or at any point in time, yet) I would recommend Troy High to anyone who did read it. Whether you loved or hated it, I would think that it would be pretty cool to be able to compare and contrast the two stories and characters. It's a modern twist that is sure to leave readers salivating. It's realistic and wraps the reader up in all the drama that is high school. There's something for everyone; cheerleaders, band kids, football players, misfits, and more. Drama abounds and the rivalry between the Spartans (students @ Lacede) and the Trojans (students @ Troy) is totally entertaining and intense. How can you not want to know what happens between Cassie and Greg?

For more info, check out author Shana Norris's Website .
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