Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games Madness Part I: The Web

Take Aim, It's Time for Some
Hunger Games Madness!

Ok, so I know I said two things that I said I would do that I didn't...

1. Post my review of The Hunger Games on the blog just as soon as FRE had our Teen HG Book Discussion. Here's the thing about that...I was under enough pressure to simply read the book and (thank goodness) I was fortunate enough to actually really get sucked in (and boy did I jump to get on that band wagon--nail polish & all!) and enjoy the story. However, I feel that it is not quite necessary for me to review such a popular and already loved (or loathed by some) by so many. We'll listen to the masses on this one and leave the lesser known or brand-spanking-new book reviews to yours truly.

2. On our FB page I said I would create a Hunger Games madness on our blog by posting fun HG-related things each day of the week leading up to the release of the Hunger Games movie, but alas, there is just not enough time in the day and sometimes I just get behind. Luckily, I have a moment of clarity and some time to type away, so I promise that I will attempt to provide you with some fun HG stuff to keep you entertained during the empty hours leading up to the release of the very anticipated movie The Hunger Games.

How about we start off with this fun tidbit:

"On Wednesday, Hunger Games cracked Fandango’s all-time top five of presellers, an elite roster made up of the final two Harry Potter films and the past three Twilight pics. Hunger Games rose to No. 4, overtaking The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, respectively." (

Now to the Official Part I: Websites

Here are some websites that I shared with my middle school students for fun and were also included in a recent Patriot News article.

Author Suzanne Collins's Website
[Info. on her books, a bio & an author interview]

Fictional Food--> The Hunger Games
[all of the food that was mentioned in the 1st book in the series including some recipes]

The Hunger Games
[the official site of the movie; a great stop for the trailers (even if you've watched them 30 million times;) or cast photos & info or posters]

The Hunger Games Wiki
[what you've been looking for... a wiki for Hunger Games fans; detailed entries on anything HG-related; anyone can add/edit and although there are quite a few typos, it's a great meeting place for HG fans]

--> About the Author:
interview & FAQs
--> About the Books:
read chapters 1 & 2 of each of the HG books for FREE!
--> Video:
Suzanne Collins' message, promos, and more!
--> Games:
--> Downloads:
watch book trailers, print posters & bookmarks, or download wallpapers

Stay posted for Hunger Games Madness Part II: ?

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Anonymous said...

The hunger games is the best movie i have ever seen in years. I just wish they could of produced the movie earlier.