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Ten Things We Did... / Sarah Mlynowski

TITLE: Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have)
AUTHOR: Sarah Mlynowski
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Let me set the stage by providing some background...

April is your typical teen; sort of. She's a junior at a high school in Westport, Connecticut and like every other teen on the planet, it seems that her parents are out to ruin her life. Her mother's affair with another man is the catalyst that causes her parents to get a divorce. And before the ink has even dried on the divorce papers, her mother and father have both remarried. April moves in with her father and stepmother so as to avoid leaving Westport, her school, her friends, and her boyfriend Noah, and April's younger brother Matthew moves with their mother and stepfather to France.

Now let's get to the good stuff...

It's now halfway through April's junior year of high school and her father decides to take a job in Cleveland. April obviously will not let her father's new job title and salary cause her to leave behind all that she loves. So... April and her BFF Vi (a senior) manage to convince her father to let her live the rest of her junior year at Vi's house. April's father, under the assumption that Vi's mother will be present, agrees.

Picture this... you're a junior in high school living in a house on the beach with your best friend and fellow student; alone. Your parents are a few states away and you have the house to yourself for the next six months. What would you do?

Would you be the responsible one? The one who goes grocery shopping, does the laundry, and takes care of the house? OR... Would you be the "wild child?" The one who hosts the parties, has boys over and buys a hot tub?

Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have) chronicles three months in the life of April Berman. Everything that could possibly happen when two teenagers are living without adult supervision happens. This is a great story of what it takes to be a grown up; responsibility for your actions and your words. It's a true tale of teen angst, growing up, and forgiveness.

M's Verdict: If you're looking for a book with a hook, try this out. This is the first book I've read by Sarah Mlynowski and I was impressed. Great cover & title (which caused me to pick up the book) and a great storyline (which made me not want to put the book down).

I love that the book is so realistic, but not depressingly so. There is still plenty of comedy, but the reader is able to relate and connect to the characters without having that "Disney-feel". Mlynowski does a great job of making this story modern and believable. It involves underage drinking, sex, profanities, and plenty of totally irresponsible behaviors or minors, sp it's not for the more conservative crowd, but it's sure to hit close to home for many a teen.

Check it out... (coming soon to your library)

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