Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dark Eden / Patrick Carman

TITLE: Dark Eden
AUTHOR: Patrick Carman
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Seven teenagers, including Will Besting (the fifteen year-old narrator) have irrational fears that have caused them to be sent away to Fort Eden to be cured.

One by one they go into a secret room to be cured. When they come out of the room they not only feel different, but they also experience new ailments like stiff joints, headaches, and dizziness. Will Fort Eden, nicknamed Dark Eden, hold the cure that these teens so desperately need or will Dark Eden simply scare them to death?

M's Verdict: MUST READ!!!! Patrick Carman (also the author of the Skeleton Creek series, some of the 39 Clues books, and The Land of Elyon series) wrote a real winner in Dark Eden.

I read this book about a month ago and have been waiting to post this review. Dark Eden is a gripping read that I flew through because it was sooo good. It reminded me of a great movie--it was action packed, full of suspense and kept you guessing.

If you're not into suspense and don't like to be kept on the edge of your seat, definitely skip this book. But, if you're looking for a real thrill--go check it out. It was so intense, it actually gave me nightmares! I would definitely read another of his books. So, to sum it up... Carman's Dark Eden is a great horror fiction book filled with suspense, that is unpredictable, creepy and fascinating...a MUST read!

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