Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hannah Just Read: BADD by Tim Tharp

First off, I hope I'll see everyone at the TAG meeting tonight at 7:00! And now, on to the review:

Tim Tharp is one of my favorite authors, and not just for teens, but for adults, too, because I think his books are so good that everyone, adult, teen, android, zombie, alien, should read Tim Tharp. He wrote one of my all time favorite books ever called The Spectacular Now, which Mrs. N reviewed and didn't like all that much, but it is good to have differing opinions in the world.
BADD is his newest novel, and we just bought a copy of it for the library, so you can go request it now if you think it sounds good (and it was). BADD is about Ceejay, who idolizes her older brother Bobby. Bobby is kind of wild and definitely tough, but not in a bully kind of way, he was always sticking up for the underdog, and defending people who couldn't defend themselves. After getting into some trouble, Bobby is sent into the army, and the book starts a few weeks before he is supposed to return home from Iraq. Ceejay can't wait to see him, but by the time he gets back he is very different from how she remembers him.
I love Tim Tharp's books because he creates great characters, and even when you don't actually like the characters all that much, they still seem real and complete. They are really complex. There's a lot going on in BADD. It isn't just a girl waiting for her brother to get home from Iraq, it is also about first love, and family relationships, and death, and somehow Tim Tharp ties them all together really well, creating a really intricate and well developed story. I loved it, and you should read it, too, but be warned, there is some drinking and drug use throughout the book.

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