Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Build 'Em, Smash 'Em Contest Holds Record Weight!

On October 17th, five teams competed in the Build 'Em, Smash 'Em contest. The teams were given predetermined materials and asked to use all of the materials to build a structure. The structure that could hold the most weight before being smashed won the contest. This time the materials were drinking straws, uncooked spaghetti, hot glue, and a piece of notebook paper. The teams worked diligently for just over an hour building their structures and then the smashing competition began! The first team to test their structure was Team Awesome. Finally, at 11.8 pounds of sand on top of the structure, it was smashed! Unfortunately, no other team was able to beat this weight and Team Awesome lived up to their name.

Team Tri Tower, a brother-sister team and previous Build 'Em, Smash 'Em winners, came in second with 6.8 pounds. Team No Names and team Monster both had structures that held 5 pounds, and finally, team Jolly Ranchers' structure held 4.6 pounds. The competition was friendly and fun! Look for Build 'Em, Smash 'Em as a future program. It's a SMASHING good time! :)

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