Thursday, July 01, 2010

What Mrs. N's Been Reading - Demon Chick

Just finished Marilyn Kaye's Demon Chick. This is another one that takes a different look at life after death. As the story starts, Jessica, whose mother is an incredibly charismatic politician running for president, is about to turn 16. Little does she know that her mother's success is due to a pact that she made with Satan before Jessica was born, promising to hand over her first-born daughter when she turned 16. Jessica finds hell to be a bit different than she expected. It's basically a lower class suburb, where there are fast food places but no fresh fruits or vegetables, no books or magazines other than contraband and no one gets older, gains weight, or changes physically in any way. There is TV, but the only thing that is available to watch is the lives of ordinary people on earth. When Brad, the demon who now owns Jessica, watches Jessica's mother and sees a memo outlining her plans for world domination and destruction (she has promised an end to poverty, but hasn't said that she plans to accomplish that by simply getting rid of all of the poor people, and she has plans to stir up unrest in other countries), they try to find a way to stop her. The only way they see to do that is to sneak Jessica back to earth, with Brad watching her. Brad is actually a decent guy who ended up in hell because of one bad decision, and Jessica finds herself developing some feelings for him. But while on earth she also hooks up with real hunk. Can she stop her mother? And what's going on with these two guys in her life (or afterlife)? A fun, quick read. Some mature, but non-explicit content. Enjoy!

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