Monday, July 19, 2010

Video Game Weapons and Tactics

We had a great program this afternoon, presented by Lt. Col. Kyle Burley from the Army War College. He looked at the wepaons and tactics used in video games like Call of Duty, and compared them to what is actually used by the military. He also talked a bit about the conditions that modern soldiers fight in everyday - a bit different from what you see in the movies or video games. He also brought along a WWII Mauser rifle and a modern AR15 (firing pins and ammunition all removed for safety) to give the kids an idea of the actual size and weight. We had originally planned to show a little of Call of Duty as part of the program, but there were so many good questions and great discussion that, in a room full of gamers, we never actually got to the game! Quite a testament to the program content! If you missed it, keep an eye out - we may try to bring him back sometime in the future. Pics below.

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