Thursday, March 04, 2010

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Lips Touch Three Times

Just finished Laini Taylor's Lips Touch Three Times. It was recommended by Hannah, a co-worker here who also reads primarily teen books. I was getting ready to officially give it up and just say that she and I just have different taste, 'cause we haven't been agreeing. But I gotta say, I liked this one quite a bit. It's actually a collection of three short stories (side story about that later) about goblins, demons, curses, and the power of a kiss. The third one, Hatchling was exceptionally well written. There's some fabulous artwork as well. Some slightly mature content, but handled very well. Probably OK for most older middle school kids, as well as high school students. For once, I just picked up the book without reading the jacket notes or anything. I was into the third story and asking myself how in the world Taylor was going to tie these three parts of the book together, when I finally realized that it was three independent short stories, and she had no plans of trying to tie them together. Duh!!

Oh well, excellent book! Enjoy!

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