Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Mrs N's Been Reading - The Alchemyst

Finally got around to Michael Scott's The Alchemyst. The book is based, loosely of course, on some historical figures - John Dee, who was an alchemist, astronomer, geographer, and mathematician, among other things, for Queen Elizabeth I, and Nicholas Flamel, one of the most famous alchemists of his time. In Scott's book, both Dee and Flamel have uncovered the secret to immortality and are still alive in present day. Flamel has possession of a great book of secrets that Dee wants to get his hands on. Enter twins Josh and Sophie. Josh works for Flamel in his bookshop, and Sophie works at the coffee shop across the street. When Dee comes looking for Flamel and the book, with a team of golem goons, Josh and Sophie attempt to help and become caught up in the mystery of the book while being tracked by Dee, who wants the book to turn it over to a branch of an elder race that is basically the dark side. Are Josh and Sophie the key to the final secret that was prophesied in the book? A good one for middle-schoolers. If you like it, check out the sequels as well.

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