Monday, November 02, 2009

What Mrs N's Been Reading - The Black Tattoo

Just finished Sam Enthoven's The Black Tattoo. Jack and Charlie are 2 seemingly ordinary London teenagers. When Charlie's ATM card is swiped and the stranger who grabs the thief and retrieves the card, asks them both to come with him and take a test, it's the beginning of an adventure that will literally take them to hell and back as they end up fighting demons and taking on the ultimate evil in an attempt to save the universe from complete destruction. Descriptions are very good without getting so drawn out that you lose interest. The characters are ones that you'll come to care about, and that always helps keep my interest. Don't know if anyone has bought the rights to this one, but it would probably make a pretty cool action flick, especially if they get the right people creating the demons. There's a fair amount of fighting with some gore, but it's just enough to keep middle school boys interested without being inappropriate.

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