Sunday, November 15, 2009

Guitar Hero 3 Tournament Results

We had a smaller than usual crowd, probably due to some freakishly delightful weather, as well as the Steelers game being broadcast. (Yes, I already got that bad news, courtesy of the dads who were listening on the radio back in the back corner. But back to the GH tournament...) We were able to play double elimination for the first 2 rounds, which is always a plus. Wow, we had a strong field today! There were about 6 people who, on any given day, probably could have won it with that same group in the mix. There were a few excellent rounds! Our grand prize winner today was newcomer to Fredricksen tournaments, Tom D. , with a very respectable second place finish by Fredricksen veteran, Jared M. And it was an incredibly neat group. I have no idea why, but any day I don't need to sweep up popcorn, I just accept gratefully without asking too many questions. The board game of the day appeared to be Simpson's Clue. A big thank you to Andrew C for his help setting up and unlocking songs for today's tournament. Our next game day will be a retro game day in December, open play, no tournament. See the list of upcoming programs for details. Pics from today's tournament are below.

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