Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Doctor Illuminatus

Just finished Martin Booth's Doctor Illuminatus. It's the story of Pip and Tim, sister and brother, whose family has just moved into an old British estate. During their first night there, a pale, scrawny young boy appears from inside Pip's bedroom wall, claiming to be the son of the original owner of the estate, born in the 1400's. Turns out his father was an alchemist who was executed for witchcraft, but not until after he had developed a potion that could put a person, essentially, into long term hibernation. He shared that, and many of his other secret's, with Sebastian, his son, before his death. Sebastian has been in hibernation on and off over the centuries, awakening when an evil alchemist who is trying to create a humunculus, is active in the area. Since Sebastian is awake, there's plenty of danger nearby. A fairly quick read, great for middle-schoolers. Well-written, with good character development for a short book, and very good, but not overly long descriptions. If you enjoy this one there is also a sequel, Soul Stealer. Enjoy! (Once I remember to bring it back, that is. Sorry!)

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