Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Mrs N's Been Reading - Epic

Just finished Conor Kostick's Epic. If you're a gamer, particularly if you're into RPGs, you might especially enjoy this one. It's about a society where all real violence has been banned, but decisions are made, resources allocated, and educational opportunities determined, by the outcome of an online virtual reality game called Epic. All free time is spent on the game so that people can try to acquire skills and equipment for their players. That also means that no one is spending the time or resources to try to better society or improve productivity, so there are shortages. When young Eric's father is exiled, he convinces a group of his friends to go try a few seemingly impossible tasks in the game that could free his father as well as free the society from the game. In addition to the gaming aspect of the story, you also have a corrupt central government complete with backstabbing and double-dealing, so there is some political intrigue as well. I enjoyed this one very much. I'm ordering Saga, the sequel, so if you check this one out, look for Saga sometime soon.

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