Saturday, February 09, 2008

Who Knew Duct Tape Could Be So Elegant?

Well. of course, the answer to that question would be, anyone who's ever seen a duct tape prom gown, or a duct tape rose. In fact if you've never seen the prom gowns, you gotta go to the Stuck On Prom website to see previous winners in their scholarship contest. But for the uninitiated, the pics below will give you a good idea of the possibilities when you make roses from duct tape. It was a very successful program, with no bloodshed (always a question when you issue razor knives to kids). In fact, my helper for the day, Drew, gave up and went back to shelving books pretty early on, because no one really needed much help. Thanks anyway Drew! Good to know I had backup if needed. Check out some of the end results.

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