Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What Mrs. N's Been Reading - Force Majeure

I just finished Force Majeure, cowritten by Thomas Sniegoski (who wrote Sleeper Code and Sleeper Agenda - see What Mrs. N's Been Reading - Sleeper Code and What Mrs. N's Been Reading - Sleeper Agenda ) and Christopher Golden. If you liked Sleeper Code and Sleeper Agenda, which I did, you'll like this one. Shane, a genius college student, figures out how to artificially create tornados, but bails out of the project when a covert government agency wants to develop it further to use as a weapon of mass destruction. Of course, saying no to a covert government agency never quite works out. Another secret agency seems to want to help him, but in all of the secrecy, who really are the good guys? Not for the younger middle schoolers because the body count is pretty high, but plenty of action. Check it out!

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