Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Five Below Fundraiser Update

I'm a little behind, what with the holiday and a bad case of a stomach bug that had me so sick I couldn't even read, but a big belated thank you to everyone who supported the Teen Advisory Group's Five Below fundraiser - either by shopping, handing out vouchers, or simply talking it up. A big thanks also to Rick and all of the staff at Five Below. We made enough money to start buying some accessories for that teen space! Our next fundraiser will be a car wash at the Commerce Bank at the Camp Hill Mall on Saturday, May 19. Hopefully that will generate enough cash to get some furniture. Watch for details.


Anonymous said...

heyy,, this is a cool site! i did actually go to five below and helped hte library out! it was great.

Mrs. N. said...

Thanks for helping us out! When the cool new furniture goes in, you can say you helped put it there.