Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What Mrs. N's Been Reading

I just finished Hilari Bell's A Matter of Profit last night. It was a pretty decent sci-fi story about a young man, Ahrven, retuning home from war to find his sister being forced to marry the emperor's slime-bucket son, and rumors of an assassination attempt being planned on the emperor. His father, in charge of the emperor's security, challenges him to either prove or disprove the rumors, with both his sister's freedom and his freedom to choose a non-military life on the line. The really interesting part is actually the sub-plot. Ahrven can't understand why the inhabitants of the planet that the story takes place on didn't put up any resistance to his people when they came to conquer. The native scholar that is helping him sort through the rumor mystery challenges him to figure that out on his own. When he finally does, the answer is very thought-provoking, especially considering the current state of unrest in many parts of the world today. Worth a read.

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