Friday, June 09, 2006

Skeletry Program a Big Hit

If you missed last night's Teen Summer Reading Program kick-off program on the art of skeletry you missed a good one!

Fr. Michael Rothan gave a wonderful talk about how he got into the skeletry business, as well as how it's done. He had some great video footage that he shared with us as well as some examples of his work (see the photo of the 2-headed calf.) Then the really cool part began, when he got out a large snapping turtle that we all got to help him open up! A few squeamish adults left the room at that point, but even with 34 kids in attendance, everyone else who wanted to help with the dissection had the opportunity to do so. Everyone was so into it that the only slight problem we had was keeping everyone back far enough away from the table so that others could see what was going on.

Fr. Rothan, if you see this, please post a comment with the correct scientific term for skeletry. Skeletry, I can remember, but I've already forgotten the long technical term, and I know there are kids who would like to know.


Anonymous said...

What a great time I had being with other incipient bio-osteologists. (that's the word you were looking for) I'm so glad they had an enjoyable time, and certainly time was of the essence. Perhaps when the turtle is mounted, I'll bring it back....before and after. Thanks again.

fr. rothan

Mrs. N. said...

Thanks Father! Hopefully we can get you back again.