Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NEW Graphic Novels

Alright, so I just recently acquired a Kindle Fire and although you'd think this would provide me with additional opportunities to read, it (along with the upcoming holiday season) has kind of put the brakes on my reading. Instead, I find myself getting sucked into various games/apps that I was able to download from free from Amazon (and I'm not talking about Angry Birds, I'm talking about old-school Bejewled/Tetris kinds of games).

Anyhow, I'm saying this because I fortunately have some saved up graphic novel info. that I am able to post now. I promise that I will try to get some reading done over the holiday season and I'll post some reviews of whatever I read. For now, here's some new graphic novel news...

TITLE: Mangaman
AUTHOR: Barry Lyga ; illustrated by Colleen Doran

SUMMARY: Interested in manga, but not quite ready to dive in? Try Mangaman. It's a kind-of-crossover between manga and the traditional comic. Ryoko is a manga character who has fallen through a rip in the "real" world and finds himself trying to function in a modern American high school setting. It's a great tale of teen angst and of fitting into a new environment while still trying to stay true to yourself.

TITLE: George R. R. Martin's Doorways
AUTHOR: George R. R. Martin

SUMMARY: Dr. Mason treats a rather unusual woman named Cat in his ER one night who speaks in broken English, wears skimpy torn clothing, and has a weapon of futuristic types attached to her arm. Of course, after this initial encounter, things only keep getting more bizarre. Dr. Mason tries to protect Cat from the sci-fi monsters that are in pursuit of her and in an attempt to flee from these ne'er do wells, both of them are transported into an alternative Earth. How will it end?

TITLE: Shadoweyes in Love
AUTHOR: Ross Campbell

NOTES: Sequel to Shadoweyes (which was awesome!), and even though I'm still in the process of reading it--it's good:) If you haven't read Shadoweyes, I recommend it. If you loved Shadoweyes, then definitely read Shadoweyes in Love.

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