Monday, August 15, 2011

Creature Tech / Doug TenNapel (graphic novel)

TITLE: Creature Tech

AUTHOR: Doug TenNapel


Description from the library catalog, which was borrowed from Booklist:

"Out in Turlock, California, all hell breaks loose when a mad scientist's spirit opens one of the crates of top-secret stuff at the Research Technical Institute, aka Creature Tech because of rumors, essentially correct, about what sort of things go on there."

M's Verdict: This is the first time I really had to refer to the library catalog description in order to, well, describe a book I read. Creature Tech is a great read for anyone who is intrigued by mad scientists, giant dead space eels, demonic cats, slugbeasts, the supernatural, and alien organisms. Although it's a bit of a bizarre premise, it is definitely not a dull storyline and the illustrations, as always, are impressive. If you're looking for something a bit less bizarre, try TenNapel's Ghostopolis, which is still pretty unusual, but a bit less... supernatural??

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