Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Math Geek Alert!

Attention all math geeks! (I mean that as a compliment! Honest!) If you're in the library and looking for a study break, and perhaps a bit of a challenge, solve the math problem of the day and get your choice of a mini candy bar or a Jolly Rancher. Just come over to my office (right near the public internet computers) and look for the calendar with daily math problems, on my door. Solve the problem, show it to me (or the Reference Librarian if I'm not in) and claim your treat. You need to show some work. OK, at least copy down the problem. Don't like today's problem? I'm not all that picky. I'll give you a couple day window, just copy the problem so I know which one you were attempting. It's a 2010 calendar, and we're taking January answers now, so it's a big window.
Good luck and happy solving.

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