Monday, August 10, 2009

Link to Summer Book Reviews

Ok, I have the link to take you directly to the book reviews from Teen Summer Reading 2009, up and running. Look for it on the bar to the right of this page, or check it out below:
Teen Summer Reading 2009 Book Reviews

As usual, I was trying to make it much more complicated than it needed to be. A big thank you to Mike, the wonderful, friendly, tech support guy at Evanced for straightening me out. Anyway, that link to the right will stay put year-round. If you didn't check out the reviews page over the summer, take a few minutes and poke around in there. You can search and sort a gazillion different ways, and see what other teens were reading, which books received 5 stars, or for that matter, 1 star, etc. If you're stuck for ideas for what to read next, this is a great source!

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