Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guitar Hero World Tour Tournament Update

We just wrapped up our second Guitar Hero World Tour, 2 on 2 tournament. I must say, the quality of our drummers has definitely improved since our first tournament back in November. Turnout was small, but everyone got to play at least 3 times. That probably let some of our drummers get warmed up, too. Anyway, the final rounds were close, but out winners were Joshua K and Jared M. Great job guys! Coming in a close second, were Andrew C and Brandon S. If you missed it, pics below. (I forgot to take pictures till close to the end. Too busy watching the play, and talking to the reporter from the Patriot News. Look for some of the kids in the Patriot's new Question of the Day feature in about 2 weeks.) Now I'm headed outside to enjoy the fabulous weather!

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