Saturday, February 21, 2009

Guitar Hero Tournament Results

Just wrapped up our first regular Guitar Hero Tournament of the year. Nice group! Wasn't sure what kind of crowd we'd get since there were tournaments being held other places today, but, hey ours are always free! And that includes the snacks and drinks. Anyway, with 16 in the tournament we had time to make the first round double elimination, which lets everyone play at least twice during the course of the afternoon. In the end, Joshua K was our big winner. Douglas S pulled in at second. Logan D filled out the final round. There was a reporter there from the Patriot News, so check out tomorrow's paper and look for us.
If you missed it, some pics are below, and our next Guitar Hero tournament will be a World Tour, 2 on 2, drums and guitar tournament on Saturday April 18th at 2. For other upcoming video game tournament info check out the schedule to the right. See you there!

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