Sunday, January 18, 2009

Middle School Video Game Tournament Update

Just wrapped up the first middle school VGT of the new year and it was a good one! Real nice group of guys! The group voted for Smash Bros Brawl over Mario Kart for the tournament. Congrats to Patrick Y who was today's champ, and Jared M who came in a close second, despite this being his first time playing that game! Kinda reinforces my belief that I could just go in and bang on the controller and do respectably at that game. Anyway, thanks to EBGames for supplying some giveaways and Moo to run to the tournament, and the Friends of Fredricksen, who supplied drinks, snacks, and the prizes for Patrick and Jared. Watch this space for info on upcoming tournaments. We're going to change the format a bit, and instead of separating by age, we'll open it to 6th - 12th grades and do it game specific. We have a Mario Kart tournament and a Call of Duty tournament lined up. Thanks also to Chris for his clean-up help!
If you missed it, pics are below. As usual, Nerf ping pong and Risk were about as popular as the video games.

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