Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Thank you Coy Wire!

A big, big thank you to Coy Wire and Jim Launer from Most High Sports Complex for a wonderful program last night on sports nutrition. It ended up being an open Q&A session, which was good because the audience brought lots of great questions. Another big thank you to Frank Morrow, who came along with Jim and Coy. Frank has a bunch of degrees in various sports and nutrition disciplines including, if I remember correctly, a doctorate degree in nutrition from Harvard. So we not only had the brawn and the professional sports experience, but plenty of brainpower, too. It was a great evening! I just can't seem to wrap my little head around the fact the Coy essentially makes a living knocking really big people on the ground - he's just too darn nice! We're working out the details to try to bring both Jim and Coy back during Teen Summer Reading this summer, possibly to do a mini-training workshop. Watch this site for details!
Anyway, if you missed last night, here are some pics. Also, look for the poster that Coy signed for us, that's down in the teen space.

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