Monday, October 01, 2007

High School VGT - Great Start to the School Year!

What better way to start off the school year than with a video game tournament! If you missed yesterday's, it was another great one. Competition was stiff and the spectators were incredibly loud! 23 teens entered the tournament, with 5 or so more spectating and playing either board games or Nerf ping pong. The 3 guys left standing at the end - Josh, Darrin, and Ben (who claims to, and I quote, "really suck at this game") - walked away with bragging rights and a video game inspired print, and everyone got a gaming magazines and demos. Thanks, as always, to the guys from EBGames (especially Brandon), and to the Friends of the Fredricksen, who provide refreshments. If you missed it, some pics are below. See the events list to the right for dates for upcoming tournaments.

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